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Cristina Tavares

Maria Cristina de Lima Tavares Correia was born on 10 June 1934, in Garanhuns, Pernambuco, to José Alves Tavares Correia and Maria Mercês de Lima Tavares Correia. Although she was a journalist and teacher, she became famous for her committed journalism and political participation.

Samuel Campelo

Born to a family of farmers, Samuel Carneiro Rodrigues Campelo, son of Diogo Carneiro Rodrigues Campelo and Leopoldina Amélia Carneiro Campelo, came into the world on October 12, 1890, in the Arimunã mill, municipality of Escada, State of Pernambuco.

Viscount of Rio Branco (José Maria da Silva Paranhos)

José Maria da Silva Paranhos, the Viscount of Rio Branco, was the most outstanding statesman of the Brazilian Monarchy.