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Jorge Abrantes

He was born on 24March 1917, in the city of São José do Egito,Pernambuco,to Miguel Domingues dos Santos Junior and Laura AbrantesPinheiro dos Santos.

Leduar de Assis Rocha

Doctor, writer and journalist, Leduar Figueirôa de Assis Rocha was born on 2 September 1904 in the city of Olinda, Pernambuco.

Luiz Do Nascimento

Luiz do Nascimento was born in the city of Gravatá, Pernambuco, on 15 December 1903, to Manuel do Nascimento de Jesus and Henriqueta Bezerra do Nascimento.

Luiz Viana Filho

Luiz Viana Filho was born on 28 March 1908 in Paris, but was registered in the Distrito da Sé, Salvador, Bahia, to Councillor Luiz Viana, president of the Province of Bahia (1896-1900) and Senator of the Republic (1911-1920), and Joana Gertrudes Fichtner.

Maciel Pinheiro

Before speaking about Maciel Pinheiro Square, it is necessary to know a little about the life of the honouree. Luís Ferreira Maciel Pinheiro was born in Paraíba, on 11 December 1839, the son of the Portuguese Braz Ferreira Maciel Pinheiro and Margarida Maciel Pinheiro.