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Cristina Tavares

Maria Cristina de Lima Tavares Correia was born on 10 June 1934, in Garanhuns, Pernambuco, to José Alves Tavares Correia and Maria Mercês de Lima Tavares Correia. Although she was a journalist and teacher, she became famous for her committed journalism and political participation.

Dalcídio Jurandir

Dalcídio Jurandir was a novelist and journalist. He was born on 10 January 1909 in Ponta de Pedras, on Marajó Island, Pará. Son of Alfredo Ramos Pereira and Margarida Nascimento, at thirteen he went to live and study in the state capital, Belém.

Edison Carneiro

Edison Carneiro de Souza was born on 12 August 1912, in Salvador, Bahia. His father, Antônio Joaquim de Souza Carneiro, was a civil engineer and professor at the Polytechnic School of Bahia.

Edwiges De Sá Pereira

Poet, educator and journalist, Edwiges de Sá Pereira was born on 25 October 1884, in Barreiros, Pernambuco, to the lawyer José Bonifácio de Sá Pereira and Maria Amélia Gonçalves da Rocha de Sá Pereira.

F. Pessoa de Queiroz

Francisco Pessoa de Queiroz, better-known as F. Pessoa de Queiroz, was a diplomat, journalist and businessman, and also Federal Congressman and Senator of the Republic. He was born in Umbuzeiro, a town in Paraíba on the border with Pernambuco, on 7 November 1890, to João Vicente Queiroz and Mirandol