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Amazon Cuisine

It could be considered to be the most national of Brazilian cuisines. It gathers the local traditions of the Indians, enriched and added to by European and African creations, along with components brought by the Japanese, Lebanese and Italian immigrants, among others.

Atikum Indigenous People

The Atikum reserve, with an area of 15,276 hectares and a population of 3,582 indigenous, is situated at the Umã Mountain Range, in the municipality of Carnaubeira da Penha, in Pernambuco.

Clothing And Ornaments Of Brazilian Indians

At the time of the discovery of Brazil, the Brazilian natives were naked. This is how the Portuguese settlers found them. Costumes and decorations were commonly used in rituals and celebrations, as they are today in many tribes, especially the most isolated.

Felipe Camarão [Antônio]

Despite the controversies about the place of birth of the Indian Antonio Felipe Camarão, it is established that he was born in Pernambuco, in 1600 or 1601.

Fulni-ô Indians

The Indians from the Fulni-ô tribe live in the municipality of Águas Belas, in Pernambuco, in a village of 11,500 hectares, located 500 metres from the centre of the town. Its population is approximately 3,600 Indians.