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Church of Santa Rita de Cássia [Saint Rita of Cascia], Recife, PE

On 19 April 1726, in the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, a Brotherhood was installed under the protection of Saint Rita of Cascia, a saint whose image was considered miraculous.

Church of Santo Amaro das Salinas [Saint Maurus of the Salt Fields], Recife, PE

The church of Saint Maurus of the Salt Fields, whose side faces General Abreu and Lima Square, is located in the neighbourhood of Santo Amaro. In it, we can read: Church of Saint Maurus of the Salt Fields – 1654.

Church of St Francis, Olinda, PE

Built in Olinda on a flat slope on a high hill, the Church of St Francis dates from the 18th century, at a time in which its (annexed) convent was rebuilt.

Church of St Joseph of Ribamar, Recife, PE

The building was erected under the sign of St Joseph of the Carpenters – their patron – who had the same profession.

Church of the Blessed Sacrament of St Anthony, Recife, PE

The Blessed Sacrament of St Anthony Parish Church is one of the most beautiful temples in Recife. It is colonial-Baroque in style, its construction began in 1753 and was completed in 1790, and it was dedicated to St Anthony.