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Cid Sampaio

Cid Feijó Sampaio, industrialist and sugarcane mill owner, was Governor of Pernambuco from1959 to 1963, Federal Representative from 1967 to 1971, and Senator of the Republic from 1983 to 1987. Born in Recife, on 7 December 1910, he was the fifth son of farmer and industrialist Mendo de Sá Barreto.

Herculano Bandeira De Mello

The Pernambuco politician Herculano Bandeira de Mello, son of Colonel Herculano Bandeira de Mello and Ana Joaquina Cavalcanti Bandeira de Mello, was born on the Tamataupe plantation in the town of Nazaré da Mataon 23 March 1850. Herculano Bandeira lost his father in early childhood.

Luiz Viana Filho

Luiz Viana Filho was born on 28 March 1908 in Paris, but was registered in the Distrito da Sé, Salvador, Bahia, to Councillor Luiz Viana, president of the Province of Bahia (1896-1900) and Senator of the Republic (1911-1920), and Joana Gertrudes Fichtner.

Nilo Coelho

Nilo Coelho de Souza was a doctor, industrialist and politician, and was the first governor elected by indirect elections in Pernambuco after the military coup of 1964.