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Brazilian football, slang and phrases

Slang had its origin in the speech of marginalized groups who did not want to be understood by those who did not belong to the group, establishing itself as an important resource for communication and expression.

Football In Pernambuco

As with what happened in other Brazilian states, football in Pernambuco was also introduced by a Brazilian who had studied in Europe, in this case Guilherme de Aquino Fonseca, a Pernambuco native.

Náutico [Clube Náutico Capibaribe]

In 1897, a group of rowers, captained by João Victor da Cruz Alfarra, created the ‘Recreio Fluvial’ (Fluvial Recreation) club, a society that rented boats that ran from the old Lingueta, in the Recife neighbourhood, to the Bathhouse, located on Pina.

Santa Cruz Football Club

Created on 3 February 1914, the Santa Cruz Football Club was conceived by a group of boys who played football on the pavement by the Igreja de Santa Cruz (Church of the Holy Cross), in the Boa Vista neighbourhood of Recife. The name of the team is an allusion to the place where it began.

Sport Club Do Recife (Sport Club Of Recife)

Founded on 13 May 1905 through the initiative of Pernambuco-born Guilherme de Aquino Fonseca, Sport Club Recife – written this way because of the influence of the English language, and without the ‘do’ (meaning ‘of’) that it has now – was the first football team in Pernambuco.