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Anastácia (the queen of forró)

Lucinete Ferreira, stage named Anastácia, singer-songwriter, was born in Recife, on 5/30/1941. She was interested in music since childhood, accompanying a coconut singer at the age of seven in the neighborhood of Macaxeira, where she lived.

Camarão(shrimp) (musician)

One of the greatest accordionists in Northeast Brazil, Reginaldo Alves Ferreira, better known as Camarão(Shrimp) or Maestro Camarão, was born in Fazenda Velha, Brejo da Madre de Deus, Pernambuco, on 23 June 1940.


Some academics believe the name came from a corruption of the expression for all, used by the English to invite the workers on the construction of the Northeast Brazilrailways, during the time of Great Western, to participate in the parties they had.

Forró Train

During the St John period, some diesel-powered trains at the Central Station were specially chartered to run the Recife-Caruaru route. Participants boarded the train very early and only returned at night.