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Bloco da Saudade (Nostalgia Group)

Was created in 1973, having as its intellectual and aesthetic creators Antonio José (Zoca) Madureira and journalist Marcelo Varella. It was born from a joke between friends and from a Carnival march composed by Edgard Moraes, in 1962.

Brazilian ‘Valentine’s Day’

Dating can be considered as the initial manifestation of the biological tendency to form heterosexual pairs by sexual attraction that develops in man from the organic changes of adolescence and puberty.

Carnival Associations of Recife and Olinda: Frevo Clubs

Known to be plural and multicultural, the Carnival of Pernambuco – besides the various manifestations all over the state – stands out in the cities of Recife and Olinda.

Carnival in Northeastern Brazil

Introduced in Brazil by the Portuguese colonizers, it was known as Entrudo during the first centuries of colonial life. In this period, they used to throw lime and lemon fragrance and powder and containers of water and other liquids over one another.

Curica (Marching Band)

The Curica-Musical Society Curica of Goiana, a city in Pernambuco’s Northern Forest Zone, is the oldest brass band in Brazil. It was founded on 8 September 1848 by José Conrado de Souza Nunes,with the objective of playing at religious festivals.