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Galinhos Lighthouse, Rio Grande do Norte

The Galinhos Lighthouse, built in 1931, is the eighth lighthouse erected in Rio Grande do Norte. It is found in the village of Galinhos at the eastern end of the Água Maré River, the mouth of five rivers, and whose bar is always obstructed by sandbanks that form narrow, changeable channels.

Garcia D’Ávila Lighthouse, BA

For more than three and a half centuries, the only notable construction in Praia do Forte, Bahia (a beach now crowded with tourists), was a medieval-style castle erected in 1551 by Garcia d’Ávila, a treasury keeper on the Tomé de Souza expedition.

Jacaré Lighthouse, Amazonas

The Jacaré Lighthouse, located about 200 metres from the left bank of the Amazon River in the State of Amazonas, shows navigators the safest way to the Port of Manaus.

Mucuripe Lighthouse, Ceará

Mucuripe, made of stone and with an octagonal shape, was only inaugurated in 1846 in what was then the province of Ceará. It housed a lamp with eight nozzles, whose fixed white light was visible for up to 10 nautical miles.

Olinda Lighthouse

Inaugurated on 18 November 1872, the Olinda Lighthouse is the second oldest in Pernambuco. At that time, situated in the Fort of São Francisco de Olinda, it had a forged iron tower, measured 12.5 metres in height, and its light was visible for 12 nautical miles.