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Jessier Quirino

Jessier Quirino is a poet, humorist, writer, songwriter, orator and story teller. However, the best definition of who Jessier Quirino is the one he gave himself: “Architect by profession, poet by vocation and backwoodsman by conviction”.

Jordão Emerenciano

Severino Jordão Emerenciano was born in the Pernambuco municipality of Catende on 14 February 1919, to Afonso Elísio Emerenciano and Irene Jordão Emerenciano.

Jorge de Lima

The writer, poet, doctor, painter and translator Jorge Mateus de Lima was born on 23 April 1893, in the municipality of União dos Palmares, Alagoas, the region where the Quilombo dos Palmares existed.

José Américo de Almeida

Writer and politician José Américo de Almeida was born on the Olho d’Água sugarcane plantation in the municipality of Areia, Paraíba,on 10 January 1887, to Inácio Augusto de Almeida and Josefa Leopoldina Leal de Almeida.

José de Alencar

José Martiniano de Alencar was one of the republican revolutionaries of 1817, and even became senator of the Empire and governor of the province of Ceará.On 1 May 1829, in Alagadiço Novo, a small village near Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará, the firstborn son of that couple.