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Plantation Manor (Casa-Grande)

The plantation manor (‘casa-grande’: literally ‘big house’) was the residence of the landlords on rural properties in colonial Brazil from the 16th Century.

Pumaty Sugarcane Factory

Located in the municipality of Palmares (Joaquim Nabuco), it was founded between 1888 and 1889 with the name Usina Central Bom Gosto (Central Good Taste Sugarcane Factory) by the sugar baron José Alves da Silva, on the site of the old central sugarcane plantation of the same name.

Rapadura (Brown Sugar Brick) Factories

The manufacture of brown sugar bricks began in the 16th century on the Spanish-owned Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The product was exported to all of Spanish America in the 17th century during the period of great sugarcane expansion.

Santa Teresa (St Theresa) Sugarcane Factory

From 1921 to 1922, it crushed 550 to 600 tonnes of sugarcane per day and produced 91,500 sacks of sugar.

Santa Terezinha (St Therese) Sugarcane Factory

In 1926, a plantation-factory transition called São Luiz (St Louis), situated at the Santa Tereza plantation in the municipality of Água Preta (Black Water), was bought by José Pessoa de Queiroz, who transformed it into a large sugarcane factory with the name Santa Terezinha in 1929.