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Mussurepe Sugarcane Factory

Situated in the municipality of Paudalho, on the banks of the Capibaribe River, it was founded in 1911 by Herculano Bandeira de Melo.

Nossa Senhora Das Maravilhas (Our Lady Of Wonders) Sugarcane Factory

Located in the municipality of Goiana, it was founded in 1889 by Diniz Peryllo de Albuquerque Melo. It was previously a sugar plantation, founded before the Dutch invasion by Gaspar Pacheco. Confiscated, it was sold by the invaders in 1637 to Hans Wilen Louisen.

Ox Carts (Carro de Boi)

Originating in the Stone Age or Neolithic period, the ox cart (carro de boi) came to Brazil with the first sugarcane plantations in Portuguese colonial times.

Pedroza Sugarcane Factory

Situated in the municipality of Cortez, it was founded in 1891 by three brothers-in-law and a son of Colonel Manoel Gomes da Cunha Pedroza, the Baron of Bonito: João de Siqueira Barbosa Arcoverde, Suiterbo de Siqueira Barbosa Arcoverde, José Belarmino Pereira de Melo and Antônio Parízio da Cunha.

Petribú Sugarcane Factory

It is located in the municipality of Lagoa de Itaenga (Itaenga Lagoon), on the right bank of the Capibaribe River.