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Horto de Dois Irmãos

The history of the Park dates back to the foundation of the Dois Irmãos Forest Garden, when in the first half of the 19th century the land where the neighbourhood of Dois Irmãos is today belonged to the Apipucos Plantation, founded in 1577 and owned by the brothers.

Jaboatão Sugarcane Factory

Previously a sugarcane plantation, it was founded in 1886, in the municipality of Jaboatão (today Jaboatão dos Guararapes), by the Pernambuco State Government under the name of Progresso Colonial (Colonial Progress).

Jiquiá (neighbourhood, Recife)

Jiquiá is the name of a neighbourhood in Recife that was situated a little beyond Afogados. Like so many other districts of the city, it has a history intertwined with the development of the Pernambuco sugar fiefdoms, during the Brazilian Colonial period.

Madalena, Neighbourhood, Recife, PE

The plantation was situated where today the Praça João Alfredo (João Alfredo Square) is located. The plantation manor, where the owners lived, was known for a long time as the Sobrado Grande da Madalena (Madalena Plantation Manor).

Massangana Sugarcane Mill and Plantation

The Massangana Sugarcane Mill and Plantation goes back to the beginning of the Portuguese colonisation period in the 16th century. Situated on the banks of the Ipojuca River, in the Pernambuco municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, approximately 40 kilometres from Recife.