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Coco (Dance)

This dance, typical of coastal regions, is known throughout the North and Northeast of Brazil. Some researchers, however, claim that it was born in the sugarcane mills, later going to the coast.

Cruangi Sugarcane Factory

It originated in 1918, on the Genipapo plantation in Timbaúba, where Manoel Caetano Pereira de Queiroz had founded his factory, also calling it Genipapo.

Cucaú Sugarcane Factory

It is located in the municipality of Rio Formoso and was set up on the former sugar plantation of the same name, founded by Francisco de Moura before the Dutch invasion.

Dois Irmãos (Neighbourhood, Recife)

Dois Irmãos was also an important plantation. In the first half of the 19th century, the land belonged to the Apipucos sugarcane factory, whose owners were the brothers Antônio Lins Caldas and Tomás Lins Caldas, nicknamed respectively Captain Coló and Seu Toné.

Estácio Coimbra

On 22 October 1872, on the Tentugal plantation in Barreiros, Pernambuco, Estácio de Albuquerque Coimbra was born. He was the first son of João Coimbra.