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Água Branca (white water) Sugarcane Factory

It was founded with the name Maria Anunciada sugarcane factory, between 1913 and 1914 by Egídio Camelo Pessoa da Silva, in the municipality of Quipapá.

Aliança (alliance) Sugarcane Factory

It is situated in the north of the municipality of Aliança, at an altitude of 68 metres, on the left bank of the Siriji River.

Apipucos (neighbourhood, Recife)

Apipucos or‘Apopucos’,as it used to be spelt, is an indigenous Tupi (Apé-Puc) name that meanslong pathto some, and path that divides, crossroads or where two paths meet to others.

Barão De Suassuna (Baron Of Suassuna) Sugarcane Factory

Located in the municipality of Escada, it was founded in 1877 under the name of Mameluco sugarcane factory, by Lieutenant-Colonel Antônio Marques de Holanda Cavalcanti. It was previously a plantation, also called Mameluco.

Bom Jesus (Good Jesus) Sugarcane Factory

Situated in the north of the Cabo municipality, on the left bank of the Gurjaú River, it was founded in 1895 by Colonel Octaviano de Souza.