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Alfredo de Carvalho

Alfredo de Carvalho was born on 27 June 1870 in the city of Recife, Pernambuco, to Thomaz Ferreira de Carvalho and Julieta Cristina de Carvalho.


French engineer Pierre Victor Boulitreau was born in Paris on 21 May 1812, He began his engineering studies at the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and concluded at the Polytechnic School, both in his native city, in 1834.

Geraldo Magalhães Melo

Geraldo Magalhães Melo, a civil engineer, was the fourth son of Odorico Meloand Rosa Parente de Magalhães Melo.

Joaquim Cardozo

Joaquim Maria Moreira Cardozo, structural engineer of many public palaces in Brasília and one of the greatest poets in Brazilian literature, was born on 26 August 1897 inRecife, to José Antônio Cardozo and Elvira Moreira Cardozo.

Louis Lèger Vauthier

French engineer and politician, he was born in Bergerac, Brittany, on 6 March 1815 and died on 2 October 1901, according to information on a tombstone in the Montmartre cemetery in Paris.