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Artur Azevedo

Storyteller, playwright, poet and journalist, Arthur Nabantino Gonçalves de Azevedo was born in São Luís, Maranhão, on 7 July 1855, to David Gonçalves de Azevedo, vice-consul of Portugal in São Luís, and EmiliaAmália Pinto de Magalhães.

Austregésilo de Athayde

Belarmino Maria Austregésilo Augusto de Athayde, professor, journalist, chronicler, essayist and orator, was born in Caruaru, Pernambuco on 25 September 1898, to judge José Feliciano Augusto de Athayde and Constância Adelaide Austregésilo de Athayde.

Henry Koster

Son of an English businessman from Liverpool, John Theodore Koster, Henry Koster was born in Lisbon, Portugal. The correct date of his birth is unknown, but his arrival in Recife, on 7 September 1809, states he was 25 years old.

Manuel Bandeira (poet)

One of the greatest Brazilian poets, Manuel Carneiro de Souza Bandeira Filho was born in Recife, Pernambuco on 19 April 1886 to Manuel Bandeira and Francelina Ribeiro de Souza. Besides being a poet, he was also a teacher, journalist, inspector, translator and literary critic.

Mario Sette (writer)

Mário Sette was born in Recife on 19 April 1886. As a young man, he was already a lover of Portuguese, French and Brazilian literature, and of the treatises on Brazilian History and Civilization. He spoke and wrote French fluently.