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Casa da Cultura (House of Culture), Recife

The inauguration of the House of Culture took place on April 14, 1976. Today, the site is a hub of regional culture and one of the city’s mandatories tourist spots. Its old cells are occupied by craft shops, a bookstore and coffee shops.

Cassava Flour Mill (Casa de Farinha)

The prime material to make cassava (jatropha manihot) flour is a plant from the Euphorobiacea family, a well-known and widely cultivated tuber used by Indians in alimental products, as the Portuguese found on their arrival to Brazil.

Plantation Manor (Casa-Grande)

The plantation manor (‘casa-grande’: literally ‘big house’) was the residence of the landlords on rural properties in colonial Brazil from the 16th Century.

The Bathhouse (Casa de Banhos)

It was founded in 1880, by Sir Carlos José de Medeiros, who was given authorisation by the government to build his residence on the reefs (which separate the ocean from the city of Recife), near the former Rotating Bridge.