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Clube Carnavalesco Misto Lenhadores

Recife carnival club, founded on March 5, 1897. Oral history is still the source of many of the stories of Recife's carnival clubs, such as Clube Lenhadores, the third oldest in the capital of Pernambuco.

Giant dolls of Olinda

Olinda is a city traditionally known for its street carnival, the participation of the people in blocks, clubs, and troças. However, the giant dolls constitute a separate attraction in the carnival of Olinda.

Pernambuco Carnival: foods and drinks

Recife has a special flavor on Carnival days, it comes with a lot of hunger and thirst, because dancing to frevo requires a lot of sustenance, to reactivate your strength.

Pernambuco Carnival: personalities

Personalities from memory of Pernambuco carnival.

Vassourinhas (Carnival Club)

On January 6, 1889, a group of dissidents from the Maroim Grande carnival club, located in Pátio do Terço, São José neighborhood, met in Beberibe to establish a new club.