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Carnival Blocks

Among the manifestations that compose the great folkloric mosaic of Recife’s carnival, none surpasses the lyricism of the Blocos.

Carnival of Olinda

The Carnivals of Recife and Olinda are mixed in the consolidation of commitment to the reveler, because the festival focus on popular participation.

Carnival of Pernambuco

Carnival is characterized by parties, public entertainment, masquerade balls and folkloric manifestations. In Brazil, Carnival is traditionally celebrated on the Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday preceding the forty days that go from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Carnival: origin and evolution

The word carnival, derived from the Latin expression “carne levale,” began to become known around the 11th and 12th centuries and means “to remove the flesh,” that is, “abstention from the flesh” and is associated with the control of worldly pleasures.

Carnival Oxen

One of the most beautiful manifestations of Pernambuco’s carnival is in the parade of the tribes of caboclinhos