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Batutas de São José (carnival block)

The mixed carnival block Batutas de São José was founded on June 5, 1932, in Pátio de São Pedro, No.33, (Recife), with a party animated by the band of the 21st Battalion of Hunters.

Bears of carnival (Ursos do Carnaval)

One of the most beautiful expressions of the Pernambuco carnival is in the evolution of the caboclinhos

Block Apois Fum: King Momo’s lyricism and boldness

Until the 1920s, carnivals in Recife took place at the mercy of the evolution of pedestrian clubs, which usually represented some professions during the King Momo period.


Bumba-meu-boi is a popular show that is part of the Christmas cycle and is sometimes also performed during Carnival.

Carlos Ivan de Melo: from procession litters to momo revelries in Olinda - PE

Carlos Ivan de Melo is the son of Ms. Antônia da Paz Vieira de Melo and Mr. Manoel Vieira de Melo and was born in Olinda, at Rua Coronel João Lopes, formerly known as “Beco da Poeira” (Dust Alley), on the outskirts of Varadouro. In his childhood he admired the work of his aunt Julinha, a lady skille