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A Turma da Jaqueira Segurando o Talo

The mixed Carnival group A Turma da Jaqueira Segurando o Talo (literally: The Jackfruit Tree Gang Holding the Stalk) was created in 1984 by a group of drivers from the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation – Fundaj – who supported the candidacy of lawyer Manoel Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Sá Neto.

Banners of Carnival Associations

The Carnival banner is a decoratively designed and embroidered flag, normally of rectangular cloth, suspended from a horizontal crossbar called a ‘travessa’ and a vertical pole called a ‘varão’, representing allegories and symbols of the associations.

Bloco da Saudade (Nostalgia Group)

Was created in 1973, having as its intellectual and aesthetic creators Antonio José (Zoca) Madureira and journalist Marcelo Varella. It was born from a joke between friends and from a Carnival march composed by Edgard Moraes, in 1962.

Caboclo de Lança

The origins of this maracatu are still not completely known. Some researchers are unanimous in saying it derives from a mixture of Afro-Indigenous cultures. Others believe it is a result of popular manifestations – cambinadas, bumba-meu-boi, cavalo-marinho, coroação dos reis negros, caboclinhos...

Carnival Associations of Recife and Olinda: Frevo Clubs

Known to be plural and multicultural, the Carnival of Pernambuco – besides the various manifestations all over the state – stands out in the cities of Recife and Olinda.