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Banners of Carnival Associations

The Carnival banner is a decoratively designed and embroidered flag, normally of rectangular cloth, suspended from a horizontal crossbar called a ‘travessa’ and a vertical pole called a ‘varão’, representing allegories and symbols of the associations.

Bears of carnival (Ursos do Carnaval)

One of the most beautiful expressions of the Pernambuco carnival is in the evolution of the caboclinhos

Carnival Oxen

One of the most beautiful manifestations of Pernambuco’s carnival is in the parade of the tribes of caboclinhos

Lambe-Sujos versus Caboclinhos Party

Popular expression known in the capital cities and in the countryside of the states of Sergipe and Alagoas, the Lambe-Sujo versus Caboclinhos Party alludes to the destruction of quilombos in indigenous lands.