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Boi de Máscaras [Bull Masks] of São Caetano de Odivelas

Known as the land of crab and good fishing, the city of São Caetano de Odivelas, located in the northeastern Pará just over 100 km from the capital, Belém, is home to a unique cultural event: the boi de mascaras (bull masks), also known as boi-tinga, referring to group of the same name.

Bois-Bumbás from Parintins, Amazonas: Caprichoso and Garantido

Parintins is considered the second largest city of the state of Amazonas and one of the most important tourist destinations in the region, due mainly to one of the biggest popular festivals held in Brazil: the Parintins Folk Festival.

Ox Carts (Carro de Boi)

Originating in the Stone Age or Neolithic period, the ox cart (carro de boi) came to Brazil with the first sugarcane plantations in Portuguese colonial times.