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Boa Vista Bridge, Recife

It originated in the time of the Dutch. In 1640, Prince Maurice of Nassau ordered the construction of a bridge by which residents could cross the Capibaribe River, from the continent to Santo Antônio Island, and from there to Recife, coming and going continually without burden.

Boa Vista Market

Boa Vista Market, located on Santa Cruz St,  Boa Vista, Recife, was built at the beginning of the 19th century, however the date of its inauguration is unknown.

Boa Vista (neighbourhood, Recife)

Where did the name Boa Vista [good view] come from? It originated from the Palace of Boa Vista (or Schoonzit in Dutch), which was built in Recife by Maurice of Nassau in 1643, for his rest and leisure.

Boa Vista Parish Church, Recife, PE

Located in the Boa Vista neighbourhood, the Boa Vista Parish Church is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Recife. Its construction began in 1784, but the work was only completed 105 years later (in 1889), thanks to the new resources voted for by the Provincial Assembly of Pernambuco.

Church of the Holy Cross, Recife, PE

Located in Pátio da Santa Cruz, in the Boa Vista neighbourhood, the Church of Santa Cruz [Holy Cross] was completed between 1725 and 1732.