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Cordeiro (neighbourhood, Recife)

Today’s neighbourhood of Cordeiro belongs to the parish of Várzea, located between the neighbourhoods of Zumbi and Iputinga, to about 6 kilometres from the city of Recife.

Derby (Neighbourhood, Recife)

The neighbourhood had its origin in 1888. It was known as Estância (Estate), a reference to the estate of Henrique Dias (17th Century).

Dois Irmãos (Neighbourhood, Recife)

Dois Irmãos was also an important plantation. In the first half of the 19th century, the land belonged to the Apipucos sugarcane factory, whose owners were the brothers Antônio Lins Caldas and Tomás Lins Caldas, nicknamed respectively Captain Coló and Seu Toné.

Encruzilhada (neighbourhood, Recife)

The name of Encruzilhada [Crossroads] is due to the fact that it was where the trains coming from Recife, Beberibe and Olinda whistled and crossed. In 1915, the trains were replaced by electric trams of Pernambuco Tramways.

Iputinga (Neighbourhood, Recife)

Iputingais a Recife neighbourhood situated in the city’s northern zone on the banks of the Capibaribe River, known as the bairro dos artistas (artists’ neighbourhood). ‘Iputinga’, called ‘Ipueira’in old documents, is a word from the Tupi language.