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The baobab tree is a large tree from the African steppes and semi-arid regions of Madagascar, and is also found on the Australian continent. This plant was widely publicised in the 20th century through The Little Prince by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Cocoa (cacau)

The history of cocoa is steeped in legend and mythology. In Mexico, for example, it is said that the God of the Aztecs, the Lord of the Silver Moon and Icy Winds, gave the men something he had stolen from the gods. Desiring to give it to the mortals.

Ipe (tree)

Ipe is a tree of the genus Tabebuia (formerly Tecoma), belonging to the Bignoniaceae family, and can be found in its native state throughout Brazil. For many centuries, ipe – also called pau-d’arco in the North.

Jequitibá (tree)

The jequitibá – Cariniana legalis – is one of the highest trees in Brazil, including jatobá, asapucaia, angelim, jaterena, and jenipaparana, being the largest of the Atlantic Forest.