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Cícero Dias

Cícero Dias was born on 5 March 1907, on the Jundiá plantation in Escada, Pernambuco. He was the seventh of eleven children to Pedro dos Santos Dias and Maria Gentil de Barros, and on his maternal side was also the grandson of the Baron of Contendas. At 13 years old, he went to Rio de Janeiro.

Lula Cardoso Ayres

Lula Cardoso Ayres was born in Recife on 26 September 1910 to João and Carolina Cardoso Ayres. His father was a sugarcane factory owner and was one of the owners of the Cucaú factory in Pernambuco.


Augusto Gomes Rodrigues’ nickname, a singer and composer born in 1916, in Quatipuru in Pará’s Bragantina region: Verequete. Mestre Verequete, as he was called, was one of those responsible for the popularisation and dissemination of carimbó, a rhythm and dance from Pará.