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Armorial Movement

Brazilian Armorial Art is that which has as its principal roots the connection with the magical spirit of the “pamphlets” of the Popular Ballads of the Northeast (Cordel literaturel), with the music of the viola, fiddle or fife accompany its “songs”, and with Woodcuttings that illustrate its covers.

Clarival Do Prado Valladares

Clarival do Prado Valladareswas born at 81 Poeira St in Salvador, Bahia, on 26 September 1918, to the dignified Bahian doctor and chair professor Antônio Prado Valladares and Clarice Santos Silva Valladares.

Franciscan Museum of Sacred Art

The Franciscan Museum of Sacred Art, located in the Recife neighbourhood of Santo Antônio, is connected to the Golden Chapel and very close to Praça da República square. From its collection are valuable pieces dating back to the liturgical heyday of Catholicism.

Marajoara Art

The pre-Columbian inhabitants of Marajó Island, in Pará state, have left a part of their history through various artefacts.

Santeira Art

Religion is a crucial component of artistic expression that reached its peak in Piauí, a state of northeastern Brazil.