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Amazon Theater, Manaus, AM

The construction of a theater in the city of Manaus was a demand in that region, which would then face an unprecedented economic and cultural growth starting from the worldwide interest in the sap from the rubber trees of the Amazonian forest.

Bois-Bumbás from Parintins, Amazonas: Caprichoso and Garantido

Parintins is considered the second largest city of the state of Amazonas and one of the most important tourist destinations in the region, due mainly to one of the biggest popular festivals held in Brazil: the Parintins Folk Festival.

Jacaré Lighthouse, Amazonas

The Jacaré Lighthouse, located about 200 metres from the left bank of the Amazon River in the State of Amazonas, shows navigators the safest way to the Port of Manaus.

St Joseph of Macapá Fortress

Built with the purpose of defending the Amazon, especially from the prospect of a French invasion (the French had already occupied the territory of Guyana), it occupies a vast area on the left bank of the mouth of the Amazon River in the capital of Amapá.