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Museum Of Rubber, Rio Branco, Acre

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Museum Of Rubber, Rio Branco, Acre

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Last update: 05/02/2013

By: Albino Oliveira - Museologist at the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation

The Museum of Rubber is located in the city of Rio Branco, the capital of the state of Acre, in the North region of Brazil.

Inaugurated on 5 November 1978 by Governor Geraldo Gurgel Mesquita, on the occasion of the Centenary of Northeast Immigration in the state, its purpose is to collect, research and spread material and immaterial testaments of the history and culture of Acre.

In 2003, to commemorate its 25th anniversary, State Governor Jorge Viana instituted, through Decree-Law nº 8,993, a new name for the Institution, which became the Museu da Borracha Governador Geraldo Mesquita (Governor Geraldo Mesquita Museum of Rubber).

The Museum is housed in a building lent by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA), and is maintained by the Elias Mansour Foundation, with a State subsidy.

The cultural assets that made up the initial nucleus of the Museum were acquired through a donation campaign that continued after its foundation, motivating interested people to preserve the cultural records of Acre.

The archive, made up of donations and objects acquired through exchange with the Federal University of Acre (UFAC), contains approximately 5,317 pieces distributed over collections that are ethnographic, archaeological, paleontological, photographic, periodic, print, sheet music, visual art, sacred art and objects from the State’s political-administrative sphere.

A visit to the Museum allows one to observe pieces from the Acre colonisation, fossils of pre-historic animals, archaeological objects like vases and anthropomorphic figures, and examples of the material culture of the indigenous peoples of Acre and southeast Amazonas, such as: bow and arrows clubs, ceramics, body ornaments and weaving.

The Museum also has a library with around 4,700 volumes of books and periodicals on the history of Acre and of the Amazon region.

Recife, 28 March 2011.
Translated by Peter Leamy, January 2012.

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