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Jessier Quirino

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Poet, humorist, writer, songwriter, orator and story teller.


Jessier Quirino

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Last update: 11/10/2023

By: Maria do Carmo Gomes de Andrade - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

Jessier Quirino is a poet, humorist, writer, songwriter, orator and story teller. However, the best definition of who Jessier Quirino is the one he gave himself: “Architect by profession, poet by vocation and backwoodsman by conviction”. Considered by many a humorist, Jessier labels himself, first of all, as a poet that tries to introduce the backwoodsman with humor, but keeping the poetic and literary lyricism. Jessier Quirino was born in 1954, in the city of Campina Grande, in Paraíba, but he settled in 1983 in the town of Itabaiana, in the state of Paraíba. He is the son of Antonio Quirino de Melo and Maria Pompéia de Araujo Melo, and the brother of Lamarck, Quirinus and Vitória Regina.

He studied until middle school in Campina Grande, the Domingos Sávio Institute and Colégio Pio XI. He went to secondary school in Recife, at Colégio Esuda, following to Architecture college in Universidade Federal da Paraíba, where he finished his course in 1982. He still practices architecture when he is able to conciliate it with his busy artistic and literary schedule.

Jessier Quirino is a plural artist. He learned how to play the guitar by himself, works with prose, metric and rhyme also on his own, plays with words as if they were instruments in an orchestra, resulting in harmonious sounds that pleases the most demanding listeners. He gets the attention of the audience with his extraordinary memory and the variety of subjects presented on the Northeastern poetry, on facts, stories and anecdotes of the backwoods daily life

Considered to be an artist that fills the emptiness left by minstrels of the popular Northeast thoughts, Jessier Quirino attracts the audience and the critics not only for his singular style, but also because of his domain and presence in the stage. He performs by himself and pleases using humor, neologisms, sarcasm, jokes, singing and texts authentically from the Northeast, and a music background performed by the musicians: Vitor Quirino (classic guitar), André Correia (violin) and Matheus Quirino (percussion), besides from musicians Letinho (guitar) and China (percussion) as guests in some shows.

Jessier Quirino has already published books, cordéis, recorded CDs, and other artistic expression material, from which the following stand out: Paisagem de interior (poetry, also in CD form); Agruras da lata d’água (poetry); O chapéu mau e o lobinho vermelho (children’s book); Prosa morena (poetry); Bandeira nordestina (poetry; and in CD form); Política de pé de muro: o comitê do povão (captions and funny images on popular political folklore);  A folha de boldo: notícias de cachaceiros (in partnership with Joselito Nunes);  Virgulino Lampião: Deputado Federal (cordel leaflet).

The artist Jessier Quirino has also been performing in theaters, universities, radio and TV shows, such as Programa do Jô and Fantástico, from Rede Globo channel, and others. His work with poetry, rhyme and metrics has been the subject of academic studies in classrooms. According to the late poet Alberto Cunha Melo, Jessier Quirino has been building, throughout his work, a type of poetic ethnography of the values, habits and language of the Northeastern people, that in the future could be used as a testimonial of a world that is being devoured by technology.

Material by Jessier Quirino present in the collection of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (Fundaj):
Bandeira Nordestina (CD). Collection: Cehibra (audio library)

Berro novo (CD).  Collection: Cehibra (audio library)
Jessier Quirino no programa de Geraldo Freire (CD). Collection: Cehibra (audio library)

Prosa morena (CD). Collection: Cehibra (audio library)
Virgulino Lampião: Deputado Federal. Mossoró, RN: Editora Queima-Bucha, 2006. 6 p. (Cordel leaflet) Collection: Biblioteca Central Blanche Knopf.

Recife, August 5, 2013.

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