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Djacri Menezes

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Professor, Economist, Sociologist, Jurist, Philosopher.


Djacri Menezes

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By: Maria do Carmo Gomes de Andrade - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

The intellectual Djacir Lima de Menezes, son of Paulo Elpídio de Menezes and Olga Freire Lima de Menezes, was a professor, sociologist, jurist, economist and philosopher. He was born in the city of Maranguape, in the state of Ceará, on October 16, 1907. He finished secondary school in Liceu do Ceará, in 1925. He then started Law School in Faculdade de Direito do Ceará and finished it in 1930, in the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Brasil, today known as Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Back to his native state, he defended, in 1932, a doctorate thesis called: Kant e a ideia do Direito, becoming then a full professor of the Faculdade de Direito do Ceará. He founded, in 1938, the Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas do Ceará, and was also its first director, and acted as Regional Educational Inspector and full member of the Instituto Histórico, Geográfico e Antropológico do Ceará.

In the forties, after being approved in a civil service examination in the Faculdade de Filosofia and another one in the Faculdade de Economia of the then called Universidade do Brasil, Djacir Menezes moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he was a full professor of the Economy Department, teaching History and Economical Doctrines. He also had other administrative position, and was particularly outstanding as a dean of the Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, in the period between 1969 and 1973. At the end of his management, he became an Emeritus Professor of the University.

He was also the founder and director of the Centro de Estudos Brasileiros in Buenos Aires and the Centro Cultural Brasil-Bolívia, in La Paz; he was a member of the Conselho Nacional do Trabalho, the Conselho Econômico da Confederação Nacional das Indústrias, a professor at the Universidade Nacional Autônoma do México and, in 1969, he became a full member of the Instituto Histórico e Geográfico Brasileiro.

Djacir Menezes dedicated his life to teaching; he had a humanities formation, passing through different areas in Human Sciences. He published Philosophy, Social Criticism and Brazilian Studies books. He also produced literary work and textbooks. Among his several publications, the following stand out

Diretrizes da Educação Nacional, 1932; O problema da realidade objetiva, 1932; Teoria cientifica do Direito de Pontes de Miranda, 1934; O outro Nordeste: formação social do Nordeste pastoril, 1937; Evolução do pensamento literário no Brasil, 1954; Tratado de Economia Política, 1955; O Brasil no pensamento brasileiro: antologia, 1957; Temas de Políticas e Filosofia, 1962; Evolucionismo e Positivismo na Critica de Farias Brito, 1962; Introdução à Ciência do Direito, 1964; Proudhon, Hegel e a ditadura, 1966; A redescoberta das oligarquias, 1967; Poesias heréticas e heresias poéticas, 1970; Ideias contra ideologias, 1971; Filosofia do Direito, 1975; Motivos alemães, 1977; Tratado de Filosofia do Direito, 1980, and others.

He published articles in several journals, such as:

Águia, Fortaleza; Boletim do Conselho Federal de Cultura, Rio de Janeiro; Brasil Açucareiro, Rio de Janeiro; Carta Mensal, Rio de Janeiro; Cultura Política, Rio de Janeiro; Cultura, Rio de Janeiro; Destinos, Fortaleza;Digesto Econômico, São Paulo; Escola Nova, Rio de Janeiro; Jurídica, Rio de Janeiro; Leitura, Rio de Janeiro; Região, Recife; Revista Brasileira de Estudos Pedagógicos, Rio de Janeiro; Revista Brasileira de Filosofia, São Paulo; Revista Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro; Revista da Faculdade de Direito do Ceará; Revista de Ciências Econômicas, São Paulo; Revista de Ciências Sociais, Fortaleza; Revista de Direito Administrativo, Rio de Janeiro; Revista do Direito Elétrico, Rio de Janeiro; Revista Mexicana de Sociologia; Sociologia, São Paulo; Veritas, Porto Alegre.

Djacir Lima de Menezes owns a vast criticism fortune that can be verified in publications such as the Centro de Documentação do Pensamento Brasileiro, Salvador, 1988, done in tribute to his 80th birthday. This man had “strong spirit and high scientific curiosity”, as once said Clovis Beviláqua; he died in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on June 8, 1996.

Recife, June 5, 2013.

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