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Counsellor Aguiar (João José Ferreira De Aguiar)

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Lawyer, Judge, Deputy


Counsellor Aguiar (João José Ferreira De Aguiar)

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By: Sylvia Costa Couceiro - Researcher at the Social Research Directorate at the Fundaj

José João Ferreira de Aguiar was born in Goiana, Pernambuco, on 10January 1810, to Antonio Ferreira de Aguiar and Úrsula das Virgens Martins.

He graduated in Law from the RecifeFacultyofLaw in 1833, and served as judge in 1834. He was professor of the Faculty from 1855 to 1884, when he retired.

He married Josefa Carolina da Silva Guimarães in 1838.

He belonged to His Majesty’s Council in 1874, and was president of the provinces of Rio Grande do Norte in 1876, and Ceará in 1877.

He received the title of Baron of Catuama on July 5, 1888.

He was a representative of the Pernambuco Assembly and deputy general for the same province in the fifth, eighth, tenth and sixteenth legislatures.

He received the titles of Dignitary of the 1st Order of the Roseand Knight of the 1st Order of Christ.

He was a member of the Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute and member of the Paris Institute of Africa.

He died in Recife on 15 November 1888.

He was honoured with the name of one of the main avenues in Recife’s Boa Viagem neighbourhood: Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar (Counsellor Aguiar Ave).



Recife, 13 august 2004.

(Updated on 25 august 2009)

Translated by Peter Leamy, February 2012.



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